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Project Description
SharePoint Online PowerShell cmdlets to help automated deployments in SharePoint Online.
Use PowerShell scripts to deploy your solutions to SharePoint Online.

Latest Release Updates
  • PowerShell help for all cmdlets is available and help is also searchable within this site. Documentation
  • Added some Get-SPO* cmdlets
  • Piping is now available for most cmdlets
  • PowerShell default formats have been added to allow printing of Site/Web etc (try Get-SPOSubWebs)
  • Install/Uninstall/Update SPOSolution have all been updated to take the filename instead of the list item id.
  • Parameters are no longer positional to make sure scripts are readable/understandable

Note (only applies to old versions)
If you receive "The property or field 'FieldName' has not been initialized" errors, these are because not all fields are loaded by default (default output will try to print all fields). This can be prevented by assigning the result of the cmdlet to a variable instead of printing.

Idea and Direction
These cmdlets have been created to automate some of the common tasks performed in SharePoint Online. For instance publishing all files in particular folders, deleting all subwebs in a site collection and hooking up managed metadata fields to term sets. They use the SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) currently but seeing as they are just C# classes other techniques could be used to overcome the limitations of CSOM (solution activation?). They can also be used to complement the SharePoint management cmdlets

The dream for this project is to provide scripts to help in automating deployments to SharePoint Online.

In order to use the cmdlets you must first get a context.
In the latest release add the lines below at the start of your script
Import-Module SPOCmdlets
$ctx = Get-SPOContext "url" "username" "password"

For previous versions where there was no installer you will need to enter the path to the dll as below.
Import-Module "Path\To\SharePointOnlineCmdlets.dll"
$ctx = Get-SPOContext "url" "username" "password"

If you have something you want to automate on SharePoint Online add it to the list by submitting a patch. Be sure to add documentation about your cmdlet in the pshproj file with example usage otherwise your patch will not be accepted (plus you can put your name in there ^^). Any contribution is greatly appreciated. If you just have an idea for a great cmdlet just start a discussion.

Documentation (only applies to old version, for new version see Documentation)
The chm file in the downloads section contains the documentation and example usage. You will need to unblock the file by right clicking the .chm file -> properties -> click unblock.

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